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Sai Mediquip is one of India's most reputable medical equipment, surgical instruments, and hospital supply manufacturer and supplier. Hospital equipment and orthopedic implants are two of our best-selling items. Starting with the placement of your purchase and ending with the proper installation of the product, we provide you with a comprehensive experience. The logistics department ensures that your goods are delivered to you as quickly as possible using the best available carriers. Our after-sales customer care team is available 24/7 to answer any questions you may have about our goods. Sai Mediquip is engaged in the manufacturing and supplying of well-designed products. The company is working successfully under the ownership of Mr. Bhupendra Panchal. It is based in Andheri, Mumbai. Sai Mediquip is a well reputed Manufacturers and Suppliers of well constructed products like Animal Surgical Equipment, LED Operation Theater Light, Hospital Dressing Trolley, Hospital Bed Side Table, Hospital Bed Side Locker, Hospital Full Fowler Bed, etc., our company is known to deliver comprehensive range of products that matched up with the expectations of the clients. Moreover, our ethical business terms and transparent dealings have helped us mark our place in the international market.
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A Top Reputed Hospital and Medical Surgical Instruments Exporter 

Sai Medquip pioneers the Indian medical/hospital surgical equipment industry.  The company has been providing high-quality hospital surgical equipment and related items for the past few years because we are the best hospital and medical surgical instruments exporter in Mumbai, India. Sai Mediquip has earned recognition for consistently raising the bar for excellence in product quality, research and development, and customer support.

We can now provide the healthcare sector with the best medical surgical devices and implants at the best prices by fusing cutting-edge technology and science. This is our effort on behalf of humanity to ensure that no one can be refused good care due to a lack of money.



Best Quality Medical and Hospital Equipment's Supplier in Mumbai, India

With the help of modular machinery and procedures and in accordance with established industry standards, Sai Mediquip is the best quality medical and hospital equipments supplier in Mumbai, India. Before being given to our clients, these products are additionally examined for accuracy and sturdiness according to a number of quality criteria. To protect them from physical damage during shipping, we provide our customers with safe packing choices for these products. Due to their numerous benefits, including their light weight, ease of use, low maintenance requirements, sterilization, simplicity of disposal, safety of use, simplicity of installation, and extended service life, our clients highly value the items we provide.


List of Best Hospital Surgical Instruments/Equipment's Offered by Sai Mediquip 

Sai Mediquip offers a big product range of hospital surgical instruments/equipments at the best wholesale prices. The product range includes ‘Hospital Stretcher Trolley’, ‘Hospital Beds’, ’Hospital Bedside Locker’, ’Autoclaves’, ’Hospital Lights’ and ’OT Scrub Station’ etc from the best quality. 

  • Hospital Stretcher Trolley - In a hospital, stretcher trolleys are used to transport patients who are unable to get up from their lying posture. Buy a top-quality hospital stretcher trolley from us.
  • Hospital Beds  - For the treatment of patients who have been admitted, hospital beds are routinely maintained and manned. There are mechanical, semi-electric, and completely electric versions of these beds. Buy the best quality hospital beds online directly from the manufacturer.
  • Hospital Bedside Locker - Patients can store their cash, medications, fruit, medicines, and other essential items in these lockers, which is a big benefit. These are positioned in the room or ward at the patient's bedside. Buy bedside locker with amazing discounts directly from the biggest hospital bedside locker exporter.
  • Autoclaves - A device known as an autoclave employs steam under pressure to destroy dangerous bacteria, viruses, fungi, and spores on objects that are placed inside a pressure vessel.
  • Hospital Lights  -  With energy-efficient healthcare lighting systems, such as heal well and adjustable hospital lights, you can enhance staff productivity and patient well-being.
  • OT Scrub Station  - OT scrub stations are constructed for hands-free use and come with an optional, integrated eye-wash station. They are designed for safety and infection prevention in the surgical environment. Purchase scrub station with huge discount directly from the largest hospital OT scrub station supplier.

Thus, Sai Mediquip is among the greatest sites to shop for medical and hospital surgical equipment if you want to buy it in India. They are available from us at the lowest wholesale costs.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I return the medical surgical equipment we purchased?

Please choose carefully, as we do not accept returns or exchanges of medical surgical equipment or other related items unless the item you purchased is defective or damaged.

2. How do I purchase hospital surgical instruments?

Visit, and select the hospital surgical instruments you want to buy. And then make payment to purchase. You can also your order on call.

3. What does Sai Mediquip offer?

Sai Mediquip offers high-quality and cost-effective medical surgical instruments at reasonable prices. We offer our products at the best prices so that the surgeons are able to get maximum benefits.

4. What is the quality of medical and surgical equipment we offer?

It is of utmost importance for surgeons to use perfectly designed surgical equipments. We offer the best and top-quality medical equipment to ensure the health of patients.

5. Where do you find the best quality medical surgical equipment?

You can easily find the best quality medical surgical equipment at Sai Mediquip. We offer these equipment of top quality at very reasonable wholesale prices.


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